Smart services.

The 'new normal' requires different tech. It's important we take strong protective measures in order to keep working. We've kept ahead of the game with all things COVID-19. Keep your site safe and secure with the latest access control solutions. 


Smart technologies are mitigating the spread of coronavirus in the workplace, and we have some of the most advanced cameras to ensure your workplace, or site, remains as safe as possible. 

  • Temperature screening. Thermal temperature screening allows businesses to monitor the temperature of visitors and workers alike before entering any premises.

  • Facial recognition. Smart ID verification and contactless access control when entering site

  • Smart PPE detection. The HD infrared camera can identify and verify the presence of personal protective equipmen, even in low light conditions.

Companies must be able to understand and manage their greenhouse gas emissions if they are to ensure long-term success in a competitive business environment.


We can provide tools and assistance that allow you to measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions. 

Dynamic fore and flood detection. Our highly mobile unit can be positioned around site to send an instant notification to the team if an event is detected.

The latest in camera technology allows warnings to be raised when too many people are seen standing in a group, or in closer proximity than GOV rules allow for. Audible warnings can be triggered in order to minimise occurrences.

A full list of our smart services and solutions is below. As usual, don't hesitate to use the contact form or telephone number provided at the bottom of the page with any questions or queries. 

  • Interactive displays

  • Active announcements

  • PPE scanning - before access & around site

  • Lone worker systems

  • Plant and material monitoring

  • Fire & flood detection

  • Restricted access detection

  • Barrier intrusion

  • People density - group gathering as per GOV guidelines

  • Social distancing detection

  • Cantene display boards

  • Game pod services

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